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Chimerism and Paternity Testing: The Dual DNA Dilemma

Chimerism, a rare biological phenomenon in which an individual possesses cells from another individual, usually a twin, is an intriguing subject that has fascinated scientists for decades. While chimerism presents various challenges and curiosities in the realm of medicine and genetics, its implications for paternity testing are particularly compelling.

What is Chimerism?

At its core, chimerism occurs when two fertilized eggs merge during the earliest stages of embryonic development. Instead of growing into twins, these combined embryos develop into a single organism, comprised of cells from both original embryos. The resulting individual might carry two distinct sets of DNA.

There are various forms of chimerism, but in the context of paternity testing, the most relevant type is tetragametic chimerism. This occurs when an individual originates from the fusion of two non-identical zygotes.

How Chimerism Affects Paternity Testing

  1. Potential for False Negatives: Traditional paternity tests compare specific genetic markers in the child’s DNA to potential fathers’. If the child’s sample comes from their chimeric DNA, which doesn’t match the tested parent, the result could be a false negative, suggesting that the tested individual is not the biological parent even if they are.

  2. Tissue Discrepancies: A chimera might have one set of DNA in their blood and another in their saliva or other tissues. This means that the outcome of a paternity test could vary depending on the source of the DNA sample. For instance, a blood test might suggest non-paternity, while a cheek swab could indicate a match.

  3. Challenges in Interpretation: While standard paternity tests look for matches at specific DNA locations, a chimera’s sample might show multiple alleles (gene variants) at these sites. Interpreting these results requires specialized expertise.

Handling Paternity Testing in Suspected Chimerism Cases

If there’s a reason to suspect that an individual might be a chimera, additional measures can be taken:


While chimerism remains a rare condition, its implications for genetic testing, including paternity determinations, are significant. As our understanding of human genetics continues to evolve, so too will our approach to such challenges. Researchers and testing facilities need to be aware of the complexities introduced by chimerism and be prepared to adjust their testing and interpretation strategies accordingly.

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