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Discreet paternity test:

We can carry out the paternity test using one of the following samples:
Type: Comments: Instruction on the packaging:
Used tissue Nasal mucous The tissue should have been used less than 3 days before. Put the tissue inside the envelope provided. Try to find a tissue with a significant amount of mucous.
Hair The root must be present. Hairs taken from a comb cannot always be used. Collect as many hairs as possible. We need at least 5 hairs. Take the hairs and put them inside the envelope provided.
Nails Fingernails or toenails should be less than 3 days old. Take the nails and put them inside the envelope provided.
Chewing gum Sugar-free hewing gum gives the best results. Take the chewing gum and put it in the envelope provided.
Toothbrush Dry the toothbrush in the open air for 30-60 minutes. Use scissors to cut the brush hairs and put them in the envelope provided, taking care not to touch them with your hand.
Cigarette butts We need 2 to 4 cigarette butts. Take the cigarette butts and put them in the envelope provided.

Ensuring a successful sample:

  • The samples must not have been in contact with any other person, animal, or biological matter.
  • The more organic matter from the tested person that the sample contains, the better the chances of the DNA extraction being successful.

The laboratory that will extract the DNA from your sample has cutting-edge scientific equipment and the experience necessary to maximize the chances of success for DNA extraction. Nevertheless, extracting DNA from a sample is not an operation whose success is 100% guaranteed.
The following are examples of possible causes of failure of DNA extraction:

  • the DNA sample was in contact with a source of biological infection (other person, animals etc.);
  • the sample contains too little DNA;
  • the DNA sample is too old;

In the event of DNA extraction failure, we cannot not carry out the paternity test. In this case, part of the order amount will be reimbursed (if applicable).

Processing time for special samples:

DNA extraction from special samples actually takes longer than extracting DNA from cotton swabs. Accordingly, the processing period for the paternity test will need to be extended time by one working day.

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